We have noticed that fishing is growing in popularity but have observed that there is not really that much information available about it online. We therefore decided that it would be helpful to provide some information and help people out. We have therefore compiled some information together that we feel will be interesting to you. We have chosen articles on topics that we think are most likely to appeal to people generally and therefore should be useful. We felt that it would be best to aim at people who are either novices or feel that their technique might be lacking as they are not having much success. This is because we felt that these would be the sorts of people that would be most in need of help from us as those who were already successful would not be looking around for help anyway. We therefore hope that you will find the site useful and that as a result of taking a look at the information, you will be able to improve your fishing techniques and not only be more successful but also have more fun as well. It is always more fun if you catch more and so we hope this will be something that you can achieve.