Carp Fishing Tips

Many people that fish would like to catch carp, but it is not always that easy to know what to do in order to catch them effectively. It could be that your general fishing technique needs some improvement or that you could do with some specific pointers with regards to carp fishing specifically. Whichever it… Continue reading Carp Fishing Tips

How to Make Boilie

If you are thinking about making your own boilie then you may wonder where to start. There are lots of different ingredients that you can use and there are lots of recipes as well. It can actually be really confusing deciding what might be the best recipe or the best ingredients. If you know someone… Continue reading How to Make Boilie

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How to Catch Big Carp

Catching big carp is an ambition of many anglers. There are now books, magazines and articles available to help you with getting the right tactics, but it is still not really that easy. It is tricky to get access to all of the information and to find out what might apply to you specifically. You… Continue reading How to Catch Big Carp