Carp Fishing Tips

Many people that fish would like to catch carp, but it is not always that easy to know what to do in order to catch them effectively. It could be that your general fishing technique needs some improvement or that you could do with some specific pointers with regards to carp fishing specifically. Whichever it is, you have come to the right place!


Hooks do vary and it is important to make sure that you do have the right one for the job. The hook design can be vital to making sure that not only, it attaches, but that it stays in place while you are reeling in. A sharp hook with a thicker wire can be a good idea. One rather like a Kamasan low water salmon hook but with a longer shank. There and others with a similar design will work well, especially if using the technique that follows to catch your fish. Sharpening hooks might seem a little old fashioned to some anglers but it will make them more effective and more likely to take hold. You can do this with different brands of hooks and it can make them more effective. A blunt hook will mean that you will lose fish and so by always ensuring it is sharp, you will never be taking this risk. If the hook does not work, then the fish can take the bait and escape and the angler may never realise it had a potential bite there. So, you do need to make sure that you so everything that you can, to make sure that the hook works its best. Do not assume that when you buy a new hook that it will sharp enough, have a go at sharpening it anyway. A longer point can be more effective as well, so you may need to adjust this in the hooks that you buy. There is, of course, a risk that the hook will split if you over sharpen it, but you are likely to lose a lot less fish this way compared to not catching them ay all due to it being blunt.

Treating the Hook

A newly sharpened hook has a taste and I will shine which could be a give away to fish. Therefore, it can be a good idea to cover it with paste. Not only will this disguise it, but it will raise interest from fish. If you use different types of baits on it and use ones that break down in the water at different rates, this can also help to arouse their curiosity.

Heavy Leads

Many anglers will choose a heavy lead in order to help them catch more and it can work but it is worth considering whether a lighter lead but with a longer hair and hook link might give more fish and perhaps even be more successful at catching bigger fish that tend to be warier.

Hook Technique

The angle of the hook when penetrating can make a really big difference and it is through that 26 degrees with an in turned eye is perfect. This will hold securely and keep hold. This can even work in the winter when the fish are very still and will only move if you can really tempt them. You do not want to lose them in these situations and so making sure you have the right technique is key.

Trial and Error

For you, you may not feel that this will work. However, the only way to really find out is to try it out for yourself. Trying it on different days or in different locations is never going to be a fair test This means that you should try to set up two lines near each other. Set up one as normal and follow the tips above for the other and this should help you to be able to compare how many bites you get with each. You will need to invest in a sharpener first, but these will not be massively expensive and if they give you great results then they will be well worth the investment. It is likely that you will find a diamond sharpener the best and one that is a bar shape could work the most easily. It will take time to do all of that sharpening, but you can always do it when you are sitting in front of the TV and so it will not take up time when you would otherwise be doing something useful!


There are often adverts for bait, recipes and all sorts of information, which can lead you to think that this is the most important consideration when it comes to catching carp. Although there may be some differences, it is worth making sure that you have your technique sorted out first, as described above. Without this, any miracle bait, however much the manufacturer hypes about it, will not work for you.

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