How to Catch Big Carp

How to Catch Big Carp

Catching big carp is an ambition of many anglers. There are now books, magazines and articles available to help you with getting the right tactics, but it is still not really that easy. It is tricky to get access to all of the information and to find out what might apply to you specifically. You may even absorb it all, have a go and find that you have no success. This can be demotivating and many novices may even give up because they just find that they cannot get the right technique. This is a shame, as it is possible to catch big carp as long as you work at it.

Magazines and Books

There are many magazines, books and shops such as which will recommend certain tackle and bait and if you buy these, then you may just assume that you will then have everything that you need to catch the carp. However, this does not always work. Having all the right lines and hooks, buying the best brands of bait (according to the manufacturers) and things like that will cost lots of money. This can further impact the frustration if you are not catching anything because you can feel cross that you are spending all this money and not having any success. This tends to either lead to you buying different or more expensive items in the hope that things will improve as a result or just giving up entirely because you just feel defeated. It is so easy to fall for the adverts, telling you how good the products are, it is easy to forget that it could actually be a different technique that is needed rather than more expensive products.

Perseverance and Tactics

It is really important to understand that carp are not easy fish to catch. They are not easily fooled, especially if they have been hooked before, they will not want to be hooked again. You, therefore, need to make sure that you understand them and respect the fish. Think about things from their point of view. An older carp will be knowledgeable and it will notice a hook and so you will need to work hard to make sure that you fool it. Just having an expensive bait will not normally be enough. You will need to think hard about what will work.

Make Your Own Bait

It can be wise to actually consider making your own bait. Not only will this usually be cheaper but it will give you the opportunity to experiment. You can try different spices herbs, flavourings and colours to see what works the best. You could even try two different baits on two hooks in the same water at the same time to compare them. You may find what works one day may not work on another and it can be much harder to catch anything in the winter months so you will really need to think hard about what might tempt them then.

Try Different Locations

It can be tempting to keep trying at the same point. This might be because it is easy to get to, it comes highly recommended or it is a pretty place to spend time. Of course, these factors are really important when you are fishing, but if you end up not catching anything then you may as well go there for a walk rather than bothering to set up your fishing kit and waiting for a bite.

Talk to The Experts

You may find that some anglers are not keen to share their knowledge of fishing as they want to keep their knowledge to themselves. However, there are others that are generous with their knowledge and are happy to help and share. It can be great to chat to members of your angling cub or others that happen to be fishing in the same location as you. You could also find online forums where you may be able to get helpful knowledge and advice as well. Obviously, it will not all work for you. This is because location can determine some of the tactics that will work. However, it is worth trying things out. The advantage of talking to individuals is that they are not plugging a particular piece of equipment. If you look in a magazine, you will often find that articles are advertorials where the manufacturer of a particular hook or bait wants to persuade you that their brand is the best so will do everything that they can to sell it to you.


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