How to Make Boilies

How to Make Boilies

If you are thinking about making your own boilie then you may wonder where to start. There are lots of different ingredients that you can use and there are lots of recipes as well. It can actually be really confusing deciding what might be the best recipe or the best ingredients. If you know someone that fishes in the same site as you, then it can be useful to chat to them as they will be able to let you know what they have tried and what works well for them. However, you may still want to experiment yourself as you may find that there are things that they have not tried that will be better.

Base Ingredients

There are different base ingredients that you can try which will help to bind everything together. Semolina is a popular one as it is cheap and you can buy white or brown in supermarkets. It will carry flavour well and is a good carbohydrate. It is often mixed with soya flour in a 50/50 base. There are different types of soya flour that have different levels of protein but they all tend to work well you can choose from soya isolate which is the highest, soya flout or full-fat soya which is the lowest. Maize meal can also be added. It is cheap and carbohydrate and can be bought as flour or a more gritty and dense form. Polenta is a type of ground down maize that you could use. Rice flour could also be used with semolina as it is high in starch and semolina.

Bird Food

Some people like to use bird food and you can choose from different types. Some have insects in and others have seeds and they may need to be ground down a bit to be added in to the mix. They are usually pretty cheap. Some bird food has spices in and some have caraphyll red in them. The red colour is attractive to fish and so it could be added to the mix even if you do not choose bird food, in order to get their attention.

Fish Meals

Many anglers will buy fishmeal to add to their boilie. There are various proportions you could try but many will use ¼ fishmeal with ¼ each of various flours such as semolina, rice and soya. They may also add olive oil and eggs to bind it together. Then the addition of colouring will also help. The fish meal will provide a flavour which fish will like but they do vary and you may need to try different ones to see which works the best. A sweet flavour enhancer can also be useful to attract them. Another advantage of using fish meal is that it is great food for the fish and it will help them to grow which means that they will put on weight. In the winter months it slows their metabolism though so is not so good especially as it means that they will be harder to catch as a result. Fish meal can tend to be a bit lumpy so you may need to sieve it before rolling it so that it is easier to use.

Fish Oil

Some people use fish oil in their mix as it will attract fish. They can be used in the boilie at about 30ml per lb but also the hook baits can be dipped into it prior to casting. You could also spray it over your boilies or soak the hook baits in it for a few days. It will make the boilie hard. You could also add flavour to the oil to make it even more attractive. Some anglers choose to sprinkle fish oil on the water and as carp love them it will attract them to the area.

Mixing the Boilies

Make sure that you start by mixing the liquid ingredients to the egg. Then mix all the dry ingredients together and then add a spoonful at a time to the egg mix and thoroughly mix before adding the next spoonful. It should get to the point where it can be kneaded with the hands but is not sticky. You will need to put it in a plastic food bag so that it does not dry out. Then you can make it into sausage shapes and put it into your boilie gun to form the right sizes and leave them spread out to dry. Some people will boil them and using a chip pan with a basket so that you can easily put them in and get them out of the water. Boil for 90 seconds to form a skin, for 2 to 3 minutes to make a harder skin and a soft inside or for 3 to 5 minutes if you want them harder. Boiling will boil out the flavour too, so you need to get the balance right. You can always spray them with flavour afterwards and freeze them to get the flavour back.


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